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  1. Hi team, I’ve recently bought an Asus Tinker Edge R to reply machine learning model. After few research and reading and I didn’t find much documentation on how to run object detection model on Tinker Edge R with an external camera. I’ve tried to rknn-toolkit too. I also want to use the NPU & GPU capabilities of the Tinker Edge R to experiment and see if it’s possible to use this device for my ML deployment or not. I’ve tested tflite on thinker Edge R I achieved like 3FPS which is not possible to use or deploy any model with this FPS. Could please share some documentations on how to run object detection model with Tinker Edge R. I also lost while trying to convert the model into rknn. Thank You.
  2. Hi guys, I have just bought an Asus Tinker Edge R to test and see for my project. I've installed a Linux aarch64 GNU/Linux. I am planning to run tensorflow object detection model using either frozen one, tlifte. I've tested with the tlite model, and the FP is very low like 3-5FPS( frame per Second). base on what I've seen it could run up 100FPS. and I also want to know how to setup and utilize the NPU capabilities. if you've documentations available on that pls do share. I've seen this one https://github.com/rockchip-linux/rknn-toolkit and test as well, but it doesn't answer what am looking. if any of you has experienced testing tensorflow object detection, and pls do share ur experience. Thank you.
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