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3.5 RPi Display

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Has anyone used a raspberry pi display successfully with the TinkerBoard?

I bought one a little while ago and despite following the guide to install the LCD-show.git it rebooted then wouldn't load into any displays at all. I planned to make a crypto clock but not sure if the tinkerboard is incompatible with a Pi4 lcd or if i'm just missing something.


3.5in RPi Display (480x320 XPT2046 Touch Controller)

Asus Tinkerboard 2

OS TinkerOS

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I've been chasing an answer for several days, and ran into an immediate problem with git-hub--now part of microsoft.  My immediate question is whether the compatibility mentioned here (to t_b 2s) applies to the tinkerboard s--which is what I have.

So far, I have not succeeded in getting the driver from git-hub.  Is that possible?  will the driverload for the t_b s?



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