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Hi guys.
Let me share Android 8.1 for Tinkerboard / Tinkerboard S.
I have 2 versions for you:

Android 8.1 with root
Android 8.1 with root and Google Play


Screenshot_20200512-001559.jpg apps.jpg about.png Screenshot_20200512-001656.png
"Power menu" can be called by long pressing back button instead of launching Asus "Power menu" application.
Android back button can be called by mouse right button click.
If you want Asus "Power menu" application anyway, you can download it there:
Asus Power button application


- fix kodi black screen issue
- fix brightness control for tc358762 official raspberry pi 7" DSI panel
- add terminal emulator app

- power menu by long press back button
- back button by right mouse button click
- advanced hdmi configuration
- rotation display 360 degree including by rotation toogle
- AptX Bluetooth codec
- AAC Bluetooth codec
- 4K@30Hz HDMI fixYou can report bugs in this thread, I will fix it if I can.
Please, include the logs from logcat & dmesg and attach it to your bug report.
Here is 2 commands how you can get the log files from your Tinkerboard:

adb shell logcat -d > logcat.log
adb shell dmesg > dmesg.log



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Sir, thank you very much.

Can i have Android 9 or 10. But one more thing how to roated screen or auto roataed allow to screen. With out auto roated Jio TV, Airtell TV and Zee which is mobile version not to see full screen on it. can you help me sir.

and my last question is can it is possible to install Android TV Home Screen on it. like that

Deprecated: Deeper Content Integration with the New Android TV Home Screen

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Hi. It seems that there is no Vulkan support. Can you add it?

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Hi there

Is it possible to disable root on this build?

The app I need to run does not work with a rooted device

Thank in advance

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