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Yocto Tinkerboard meta-rockchip

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I am embarking on the realization of a yocto for the tinkerboard.

I want to use the official meta-rockchip.


I also want to use the last "yocto-next" branch (use new poky version), but I saw that the tinkerboard "machines" have been removed.

Has anyone done the test to create the machine and use it on the tinker ?

I also have another question, the output format of the yocto is no longer the same and I wonder if flashing a .wic is sufficient to boot on the SD card ?

So to summarize, i wonder if :

  • create new machine with old values
  • flash .wic

is correct to make a bootable SD CARD.

I did some tests with the evb 3288 but the card does not boot.

Thanks for your feedback

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