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Tinker Board

Android 11 will be Available Soon on Tinker Board 2/S

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The combination of Android 11 and Tinker Board 2/S will provide new possibilities and advantages. It allows users to have better experiences and performance that enable more business opportunities, such as digital signage, smart cities, and other IoT usages. With enhanced integration with sensors and devices, Tinker series will offer the stable connectivity and networks communication required in the industries.

Android 11 provides further security and privacy improvements. For example, One-time permissions & Permissions auto-reset enable users to manage data and give permissions to apps more easily and conscious. Always have a hard time finding where you’ve started? Resume on reboot allow you to pick up right where you started, since Apps run immediately after an update is installed.

Meanwhile, ASUS provides Industrial Android FOTA (firmware over-the-air) supports on Tinker Board series that allow you to update the system firmware, operating system and drivers remotely. FOTA service will reduce the need for onsite personnel support and system disassembly, and removes the possibility of operation errors caused by manual updates. Thinking of testing and renewing the Tinker Boards to the latest Android? Give FOTA system a try that can help you meet the stability and load balancing needs for mass simultaneous updates of a large number of IoT devices.   


Android 11 Beta version will be available on our Tinker Board 2/S by the end of August, 2021, and be ready on later models as well. Stay tuned with the update and get excited with the new features to come!



*Note: Exact features and functions will depend on devices and OS versions.

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