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Processor operating temperature

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On Android 10, the processor with my application heats up quite a bit (about 77oC). On Android 11, the processor temperature of the same application is 10 degrees lower (65oC). The problem is that Android11 is currently a beta version and it has already broken down a few times.
In sum. What is the maximum operating temperature of this processor for Tinkerboard 2 / 2S and what is the maximum instantaneous temperature.
As far as I remember, for the Tinkerboard / Tinkerboard S it was the temperature of 85oC / 115oC

Let me tell you that the temperature can be checked like this (Android):

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp


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I am beginning to get the impression that the engineers on this forum are asleep a lot. I searched and the maximum operating temperature of the RK3399 processor is 125oC


Chapter 4 Thermal Management 4.1 Overview For reliability and operability concerns, the absolute maximum junction temperature has to be below 125℃.


I hope PCB can handle it bravely.

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can you tell me what is the difference between zone0 and zone1?

==>zone0 and zone1 are the temperature of the CPU and GPU, respectively.

where are the sensors placed?

==>The sensors are built inside RK3399.

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