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HDMI cec

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I was very happy to hear that ASUS took the HDMI cec more seriously than in the first generation, where the cec was only for the S version.
But what next?
How to control HDMI from a shell? How to read the status with the shell?

In the case of other distributions, e.g. ODROID, I met a fantastic solution and it was possible to control HDMI cec signals, for example in this way:
echo 0x40 0x04> / sys / class / cec / cmd
the above command turned on the screen.

Will I get a ready and working solution for Tinkerboard 2?

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hi doggedly,

I have old Tinker Board & in Android.. from adb shell.. 

setprop sys.hdmi_status.aux off

to turn off HDMI...

setprop sys.hdmi_status.aux on

to turn on HDMI...


to find status of HDMI,, use..

getprop sys.hdmi_status.aux


have a look @ old post...
How to Control HDMI on/off from app ?
I'm not sure if this will also work for Tinker Board 2 / 2S ?????

hope it helps,

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