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I'd like to use an overlay file system like the one implemented in raspi-config on my raspberry pi, but it doesn't work.
I referred to this site, but the boot partition is not large enough to create an initramfs image.


/dev/mmcblk0p7  4.9M  348K  4.3M   8% /boot
Is there a better way?


Hardware:Tinker board R2.0


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hello @shizimi

it's in the codebase, you can use the line find -name "parameter.txt" to find it in your codebase. 

the file looks like this: device-rockchip/parameter.txt at linux4.4-rk3288-tinker_board · TinkerBoard/device-rockchip (github.com)

it is line 11 that needs to be changed. once the changes are made, you will need to rebuild the image and reflash the board.

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