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how to set mean_values/std_values when converting to rknn?

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Hi All,

I understand that in order to run an AI model on the NPU I have to convert it to RKNN, but whenever I do that my model (tf-lite) looses accuracy up to 15-20%.

 I have checked Rockchip_Trouble_Shooting_RKNN_Toolkit_V1.7.3_EN.pdf  document in section 8.1 and it says that this issue might be related to setting mean_values/std_values incorrectly.

then I found the below section in  Rockchip_Trouble_Shooting_RKNN_Toolkit_V1.3.2_EN.pdf on how to set mean_values/std_values, but still don't quite understand it:


I have 3 questions:

1) I am doing a binary classification and my Input data is (240,240,3) for training,  would this be my (Cin0, Cin1,Cin2) ?

2) how do I set the Scale parameter ?

3)how do I get (Cout0,Cout1, Cout2) ?


thank you,

I would really appreciate your help

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