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I'm trying to set up my tinker board 2s so I can control my tinker using my smart TV remote controller, I managed to control my tv from tinker using cec-ctl but now I want to handle remote control key events from my tinker board, but all the solutions are giving that I should use cec-client  which is not working as it should on my tinker.
When I try to run this command it returns none

cec-client -l 
Found devices: NONE

I want to know how I could configure cec-client on my device.

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hello @stevenragy


please use the following commands:

          cec-ctl --playback -o TinkerBoard2
          cec-ctl --user-control-pressed=ui-cmd="keycode" -t0
          (EX: keycode of “volume_up” is 0x41, cec-ctl --user-control-pressed=ui-cmd="0x41" -t0)

reference of keycodes can be found in type_ui_cmd struct on github: https://github.com/cz172638/v4l-utils/blob/master/utils/cec-ctl/cec-ctl.cpp



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