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microSD failure, will not start

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I'm running tinkerboard R2.0 with emmc boot.

However, when the microSD is corrupted, it fails to boot.

Maybe the microSD is checked when I start up, can I ignore it?

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hello @snk

the boot sequence is sd card -> emmc; if you have a sd card in the slot it's likely that the board will boot from sd. if you'd like to keep the micro sd card inserted, you have to either 1. format it, or 2. un-partition the sd card -- the easiest way would be just leave the sd card slot empty so the system boots from emmc. 

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hello @tooz,

Sorry. My explanation was insufficient.
The file system is built within emmc and the microSD is used as storage for data.

However, when a broken microSD is inserted, it outputs an error like the attached file and will not boot.
When the microSD is removed and power is turned on, it boots up with no problem. Naturally, the pin setting is to boot in emmc mode.

There is one partition in the microSD, which can be formatted. Therefore, I expect that some sectors are abnormal.

I am using tinkerboard to send data to the server. At that time, I also send the status of the tinkerboard as well.
Ultimately, I would like to be able to start the tinkerboard even if the microSD card is damaged, and to be able to tell the server that there is something wrong with the tinkerboard.

Therefore, we would like to be able to boot the OS by emmc boot even if the microSD is damaged.


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hello @snk


the miniloader has detected the partition table that's got uboot and trust:


GPT part:  0, name:            uboot, start:0x4000, size:0x2000
GPT part:  1, name:            trust, start:0x6000, size:0x2000
GPT part:  2, name:             misc, start:0x8000, size:0x2000
GPT part:  3, name:             boot, start:0xa000, size:0x10000
GPT part:  4, name:         recovery, start:0x1a000, size:0x10000
GPT part:  5, name:           backup, start:0x2a000, size:0x10000
GPT part:  6, name:         userdata, start:0x3a000, size:0x20000
GPT part:  7, name:                 , start:0x5a000, size:0xafa000
find part:uboot OK. first_lba:0x4000.
find part:trust OK. first_lba:0x6000.
tag:LOADER error,addr:0x4000

so the boot process from micro sd continued, and eventually led to boot failed. please try format and delete the partitions in the micro sd so the partition table can be loaded from emmc

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