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reduce the power consumption of Tinkerboard

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I'm using tinker board.

I want to know how to optimize my system for listening to music.

I want to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and I want to disable the hdmi

and I want to turn off all leds.

Since I don't know much about computers, please explain in detail how to do it on the screen below.


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hello @lepton16

to disable hdmi completely you'll need to modify some kernel codes, however it will make a very difference in terms of power consumption -- i'd suggest to not plug the hdmi monitor if you're not using it, so it won't consume power via hdmi port. 

you can try using this command to disable wi-fi:

nmcli radio wifi off

apparently there are various ways to do so, it might be easier to have a look at volumio community or super best audio friends

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