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Tinker Board R2.0 serial communication error

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Hello Tinker experts,

I want your help regarding tinker board r2.0 about GPIO pins, let me explain what I'm trying to do 

I want to send and receive data through two tinker boards from the port ttyS1 with hardware flow control enabled 

both boards have same configuration of serial port ttyS1 and hardware flow is enabled but when I send data through a board using python

import serial

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyS1', baudrate=9600, rtscts=True)

# Print initial RTS and CTS status
print("RTS:", ser.rts)
print("CTS:", ser.cts)

# Transmit data

# Print RTS and CTS status after transmission
print("RTS:", ser.rts)
print("CTS:", ser.cts)

I'm getting the output showing CTS = False before and after data transmission, and in the other board I can't see any data incoming in minicom this is same for the other boards also I have connected GP5B1(TX) , GP5B0(RX) , VCC, GND, GP5B2(CTS) and GP5B3(RTS) in both boards through RS232 connection in both boards

but when I connect the ttyS1 to USB of my windows laptop and send data through dock light with hardware flow control enabled I'm able to send and receive data

I can't read the data even if the hardware flow control is disabled between two tinker boards..

the issue occurs when I connect two tinker boards with rs232

please help me with this problem.. 

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Hello @tooz   thank you for the reply, I already figured out the issue. It was in the hardware connection cable I have corrected it and now I'm able to do data transmission.

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