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    Hi @Korre Tinker2 Android does not support extended screen, only mirror. Thanks
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    Hi Pirate, For Tinker Board 2, the max loading (all connectors been connected) power is around 30W. So considering the degradation of conversion efficiency of some power supplies, we provided a conventional 19V's 45W for reference. (You can check with our user manual, https://tinker-board.asus.com/doc_tb2.html#user, page. 18.) So, if your would not connect with power-hungry USB devices, 15~20W should meet most of the usage. (without others, board only, max stress around ~10W.) And the website, it is should be the maintenance error, written too large as a reference value, which we will arrange to revision. Is 12V or 19V better? My understanding is 12V leads to more amps, so should I go 12v? --> No, 12~19V all would re convert to board used voltage, so you can just make sure the totally watt. Is it max 45W or 65W because both websites say a different thing. --> Like above, you can reference 45W or depends on real usage needs. Does anyone have a link to a compatible power supply, preferably on Amazon.ca? --> All safety compliant, and 5.5/2.5mm DC plug, 12~19V +-5% adapters should be fine. (You can find follow info from our user manual too, https://tinker-board.asus.com/doc_tb2.html#user, page. 18.) Thanks.
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