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  1. Hi @6a5h4, Can you share your system logs? And part of your script so we can duplicate and check? e.g. in that script, do they have loops or some to let polling rate too higher and with no suspend? or trying with our new OS version? since v2.0.8 is kind of older (20181023). https://tinker-board.asus.com/download-list.html?product=tinker-board-s Debian latest version is v3.0.11. (First Debian 10 for Tinker Board series) or Debian 9 V2.2.9. Thanks.
  2. Hi @Eran@feelit.tech, This is strange, I guess it's due to the tool win32 disk or your SD card might have some problems. 1. Does your win32 disk run through the administrator? 2. This SD card can normally use right now? without Lock? or you can try following steps (from Google) Win32 Disk Imager Error 5: Access is Denied solution | ProgrammerAH Thanks.
  3. Hi @tangochuynam, You need to use anthoer 2 pins for power button. From the documents, the black part is the pins location, or you can imaging that is a jumper. Thanks.
  4. Frank3_Wu

    RTC Battery

    Hi, You can check this document too, page 16. https://tinker-board.asus.com/doc_tb2.html#user Also mention connector type & pin define (3v & GND) Thanks.
  5. Hi Frank, Please try following this SOP: Tinker_Board_2_Build_and_Install_Kernel.pdf Thanks
  6. Hi @Texas1, Nice to meet you. We have tested some demos about face detection and the results are shown below. If need more detail, please contact us. Thanks.
  7. Hi Alexi, What sku of Tinker you used? is Tinker Board /S or Tinker Board 2/S or others.
  8. No, is different kernel source. For Tinker Edge R please use this: https://github.com/TinkerEdgeR/debian-kernel Or you means Tinker R/BR? for Tinker R/BR or Tinker S/BR, please reference Tinker Board or Tinker Board S. And kernel source here: https://github.com/TinkerBoard/debian_kernel
  9. Hi Omirax, We would add that config in future. And here is the source code: https://github.com/TinkerBoard2/kernel/tree/tinker_board_2-debian_10-2.0.0 and kernel header: https://github.com/TinkerBoard2/kernel/releases/download/tinker_board_2-debian_10-2.0.0/Tinker_Board_2-Debian-Buster-v2.0.0-20210413.zip (in GitHub release page) Thanks.
  10. From our test, it should worked. Do you have other uart console cable? or try with different console software. (e.g. screen, putty, minicom, etc)
  11. Hi @Pirate Here is the kernel header we use: https://github.com/TinkerBoard2/kernel/releases/download/tinker_board_2-debian_10-2.0.0/linux-headers-4.4.194_4.4.194-1_arm64.deb And the kernel modules, you can try to build them yourself and also let us know what configuration is needed. We can evaluate and add it to the new version of OS image.
  12. Hi Brian, try this: use "tinker-power-manager" or find it in "tinker-config" this command-line tool. (make sure you exec it via sudo or root)
  13. also can reference this post. https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/thread-3233-post-13473.html#pid13473
  14. Hi @feefee, Nice to meet you. You can fill in the form through this page https://iot.asus.com/inquiry/ with your inquiry. We will let our contact window to contact you. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Thanks for your sharing photo. I think the problem still the same. Since the IMG file is a binary file with custom format. But this time the format is different with before. Therefore, it is reasonable to be different in HEX. For macOS, it is just possible to mount some IMG or Disk files. But it needs to be a specific formats or Filesystem's dump (contain partition define information, etc). But in this case our new IMG is customized format from the SoC vendor. So you can not mount in the PC, but it still can be work & bootable for Tinker Board after you flash the OS.
  16. Hi @Pirate, Glad to help you clarify the problem, and let us know if there is any good news after you get the adapter board.
  17. The forum system may have some issue in some times. We have kept in watch with the vendor of the forum system. Can you share your screenshot via https://imgur.com/ ? BTW, we still not get it, why is not IMG file? IMG is a "Filename Extension", we cannot just use "Filename Extension" to think the file is what kind of truly file format. (see more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filename_extension & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMG_(file_format)) This image format is also used on lots of other products, also our Android image. It cannot be directly read because the PC does not how to identify or support it, as previously stated. But it is supported for Tinker Board and its processors.
  18. Hi Pirate, For Tinker Board 2, the max loading (all connectors been connected) power is around 30W. So considering the degradation of conversion efficiency of some power supplies, we provided a conventional 19V's 45W for reference. (You can check with our user manual, https://tinker-board.asus.com/doc_tb2.html#user, page. 18.) So, if your would not connect with power-hungry USB devices, 15~20W should meet most of the usage. (without others, board only, max stress around ~10W.) And the website, it is should be the maintenance error, written too large as a reference value, which we will arrange to revision. Is 12V or 19V better? My understanding is 12V leads to more amps, so should I go 12v? --> No, 12~19V all would re convert to board used voltage, so you can just make sure the totally watt. Is it max 45W or 65W because both websites say a different thing. --> Like above, you can reference 45W or depends on real usage needs. Does anyone have a link to a compatible power supply, preferably on Amazon.ca? --> All safety compliant, and 5.5/2.5mm DC plug, 12~19V +-5% adapters should be fine. (You can find follow info from our user manual too, https://tinker-board.asus.com/doc_tb2.html#user, page. 18.) Thanks.
  19. Hi @honkinberry, Yes, the image is workable, have you been tried to boot it up? It should just be the image format and structure, as mentioned earlier, so you can't see the filesystem directly in your computer. (like other systems, e.g. the most common is Android image.) BTW, is their any other problems you found, or what other to make you think it might be invalid? We can try to help you deal with the OS problem. Or can you check and compare the hash with the zip file you downloaded?
  20. Hi, we've turned on posting moderation, so we'll try to block the ad posts & spammers as soon as possible.
  21. Hi @Suleyman Poyraz, Do you have more information about compiling error messages that let we can try to fix the dependencies?
  22. Hi @honkinberry, Can you help to try again to see if you can directly boot up or not after the OS flashed. Since your problem, may just because the image formfactor been changed from the SoC vendor, so it let you may not to directly see all the partitions (no partition table, or unsupported FS on your pc/mac, like linux's fs, EXTF4). But the image should be able to work. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing your updates.
  23. Should be no problem, HDMI to VGA, the main processing is through the adapter/converter self.
  24. USB 3.2 Gen 1 is already the standard spec name, you can refer this wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_3.0#USB_3.2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 – SuperSpeed, 5 gigabits per second (Gbit/s) data signaling rate over 1 lane using 8b/10b encoding (effective 500 MB/s) , the same as USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.0.
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