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  1. Looks great so far. Even hdmi-cec seems to work much better than the official Asus Android 7. Now to figure out how to get immersive mode across all apps and I might well stick with this for my tv box. Thanks a lot!
  2. I also have this with a Tinkerboard S. It loses the lan connection at random, sometimes after days. I have tried with static route and everything, no difference. I have googled a little and found users of other android devices complaining about the same. I have concluded that it is probably an android issue, perhaps of these old versions. Wlan is a tad slower but does not drop the connection --> serves me better.
  3. Just dropping in to say thanks for the effort and for sharing! I've tried to run it and see how far I get. It looks tantalizing and I would love to use it! However, after a few reboots it started to freeze a lot, sometimes didn't acquire a wlan connection, etc. It keeps asking me on start up how I want to mount a USB device (seems to be the mini SD on which it is installed), and sometimes I don't even get past that question. Perhaps I could reset everything, but it doesn't feel very resilient, unfortunately. I have used it with a wireless airmouse/keyboad combo. Works a treat and doesn't seem to cause additional slowness, but perhaps the instability is caused by the issue you mention. I didn't get the tv remote to be picked up with hdmi-cec. That would be nifty. I have a Tinkerboard S Thanks again. I understand that you don't want to spend more time on this niche project. Just wanted to raise my hand an say I am actually interested.
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