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  1. Title says it all, Trivial but obvious the volume controls on navigationBar are not working in Android 11
  2. Additional info: I also had to use adb via USB not Wireless and Windows 10 with fastboot a driver was required, Download from google and install .inf using exlorer, then via device manager on the usb device with issue choose update driver from list "Android phone" & "bootloader" https://developer.android.com/studio/run/win-usb https://beebom.com/fastboot-not-detecting-device-windows-10/
  3. SOLVED For others trying to follow this procedure @hisataro is correct I had ALL the exact same issues, it appears the boot.img (+20mb) in the original post doesn't work, use the one supplied by @hisataro in the post below (+30mb) and it works.
  4. @tooz I'm using "Wireless debugging" do I need to use USB debugging??? I get to the same point .. after I run >> adb reboot-bootloader there are no fastboot devices connected?
  5. Is the TInkerboard 2 dead already? there's no forum posts or community activity? Still not found how to root android 10 or 11... ?! bump anyone there ?
  6. As the topic suggests, How do you root the Tinkerboard 2, either Andoroid 10 or 11 will do.. ? Is this forum dead? the activity is so low?
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