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  1. Thank you for the reply. I understood current driver does not support this mode. however, the driver layer should be the same as the one for tinker board(RK3288), then I hope it will be available soon. By the way, when I run the gstreamer script modified from Capture_Test.sh, I experienced the instability of the camera, stopped and reboot. We just clean installed the OS and run Capture_Test.sh and see this symptom. Do you have any report about the symptom? I appreciate your kind help in advance. Bests Regards, sohonomura2020
  2. Dear Sirs The reason I thought the AE didn't work is maybe the lower light condition for AE set maximum exposure condition (shutter/gain). Under the sun light condition, I can confirm the AE does work. I apologize for the confusion caused by the inadequate investigation. Now I would like to know how to set 2x2 binning mode of 30fps streaming. Best Regards, sohonomura2020
  3. Dear Sirs I found I can get brighter image if I create /tmp/flicker_mode file, but it seems the AE function does not work. Do you have any suggestion to activate the camera ISP function other than demosaic? Best Regards, sohonomura2020
  4. One more question, please. I cannot find the IQ tuning file and just run plane gst-launch-1.0 can get dark image. I can see better image when running Capture_Test.sh in Desktop directory. I'd like to know how to apply the IQ tuning file. (I remember the xml file is called in the gst-launch command line in tinker board case.) Best Regards, NOMURA
  5. Dear Sirs I found the Capture_Test.sh in the Test_tool directory shown on Desktop. By using this script, I could see the Full FoV image. I'd like to know how to switch to binning mode to get full FoV smaller image of higher frame rate. Thank you very much for your kind help in advance. Best Regards, sohonomura2020
  6. Dear Sirs I'm now connecting the IMX219 camera to tinker board 2s board. I can see the camera image now but I cannot configure the Field of View nor size. I can just see the image of center portion, very narrow FoV. I could configure the camera with media-ctl command when operating it on "tinker board". It would be great if you tell me the way to configure the camera (size, FoV, mirror/flip, etc.) with the reference scripts or sample code. Similar way to "tinker board" will be fine. I appreciate your kind help in advance. sohonomura2020
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