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  1. Still not much going on with it is there.. waiting for a new version of Debian but we're still using Buster... I'm not especially interested in building my own specific version.. anyone have any insite into when we Bullseye?
  2. oops, I feel a bit silly, while my basic fix is correct I was actually doing in on a different machine connected to my kvm.. which was using ubuntu, sorry ? (I thought it was the TB2 it was in fact a Jetson) It seems Debian doesn't have /dev/input/mice and instead I need to check which event is controlling the mouse.... sigh. I kinda hate these small variations ? But you have put me on the right track, I wasn't accessing the mice config file (cos there isn't one) and on machines which had it it was indeed a permissions issue, so I need to review how I access my config files for keyboard and mouse.
  3. ok I managed to fix it, it was an access permission issue, the mice file was not allowing access so I had to use sudo chod a+r+w to make it usable. I know this isn't something linux users like to do, is there an elegant way to allow access to a file in C++?
  4. Hi, Im not sure what your asking me to check with that command, my dev path is correct isnt it? Its listed there const char* devpath = "/dev/input/mice"; and the mice file is there in place and I open the mice file ok, it just refuses to switch mode?
  5. on the current spec page there's a claim that it reaches 797 Tinkerboard 2 specs thats far from the results I get of 233/234 and the orginal TB board would manage around 400 again far below what you report, so it seems the TB2 isnt' really fully using its potential. What versions of GLMark2-es2 were you using, I am building the current 2021-2 version, X11-glesv2 flavour How can I unlock this addtional GPU power you report?
  6. Can someone tell me where the setup tool featred in the TB2 spec page can be located? I'd like to see what paramaters I can alter
  7. got my TB2 today, and pleased to say it works pretty much out of the box. But I do have one small issue, my project needs me to get access to the mouse scroll wheel, directly, and normally I do this by putting the mouse into ImPS/2 mode using this code... however it gives me the the cannot switch error... Is there any known reason for this? static const size_t mousedev_seq_len = 6; static const unsigned char mousedev_imps_seq[] = { 0xf3, 200, 0xf3, 100, 0xf3, 80 }; unsigned char buffer[4]; ssize_t len; const char* devpath = "/dev/input/mice"; int wasleft, wasmiddle, wasright; devfd = open(devpath, O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY); /* Switch the mouse to ImPS/2 protocol. */ if (write(devfd, mousedev_imps_seq, mousedev_seq_len) != (ssize_t)mousedev_seq_len) { fprintf(stderr, "Cannot switch to ImPS/2 protocol.\n"); close(devfd); return (void*)&devfd;; // this is rubbish to give a retun value } if (read(devfd, buffer, sizeof buffer) != 1 || buffer[0] != 0xFA) { fprintf(stderr, "Failed to switch to ImPS/2 protocol.\n"); close(devfd); return (void*)&devfd; }
  8. Still not much activity going on here, is the TB2 on sale anywhere?
  9. there seems to be very little activity here ?
  10. any news on when this is going to be available, and cost?
  11. It seems Asus has a new baby ready to release, does anyone know when and how much? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/tinkerboard-2-and-tinkerboard-2s-announced
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