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  1. Hi @brick, @Henri, @tooz, do you have some news about this topic? Do you have some fork of the armbian? Do you have discord channel for this, like Armbian has? Best Regards.
  2. Hi, Mendel linux is out of date and not supported as I understand it. Did someone tried to use/adapt Armbian to support to Edge T, or is there any other way already available? There is already support for Tinker Board 2. But that has different processor than Edge T, so I plan to adapt Armbian to Edge T if it will be even possible. https://www.armbian.com/tinkerboard-2/
  3. Update: I did an 8GB empty image on my computer and then I did dd in following order. There are captions for partitions after ther first partition-table-8gb.img is put to it. partition-table-8gb.img -> mmcblk0 (new /dev/mmcblk0p1-4 devices are created) boot_arm64.img -> mmcblk0p1 /misc is created -> mmcblk0p2 home.img -> mmcblk0p3 rootfs_arm64.img -> mmcblk0p4 I think, that this should work, but after boot the rootfs is not found and boot process stops there. I have no clue how to continue.
  4. After swithing to boot from eMMC it finally boots until the error root file system not found.
  5. I've found some mapping: partition-table-8gb.img -> mmcblk0 (new /dev/mmcblk0p1-4 devices are created) u-boot.imx -> mmcblk0p1 boot_arm64.img -> mmcblk0p2 rootfs_arm64.img -> mmcblk0p3 home.img -> mmcblk0p4 After this mapping the reboot-bootloader works and the Tinker Edge T splash screen is shown and it gets stuck there. But lsusb shows me: Bus 003 Device 013: ID 0b05:7771 ASUSTek Computer, Inc. USB download gadget. The flash.sh script still waits for any device to be connected. What is wrong here?
  6. Hi, I can not boot recovery.img from sd card and can not flash from computer. If I prepare sd card following the instructions here, then flash.sh script gets stuck on: "< waiting for any device >" (visible in script debug mode), no usb device is found on my computer - lsusb shows nothing like Mendel or Tinker or Google device there. Multiple usb cables tested. Sd card is ok, because booting from it (sdcard_arm64.img) works well. I'd like to flash the img files manualy from another flash drive using dd command from the shell when booted from sd card. Please, what are the correct images and their /dev/??? targets to manualy dd images to emmc? I expect these files to be flashed (taken from flash.sh script): sudo dd BS=4M if=u-boot.imx of=/dev/??? (should it be: mmcblk0boot0 ?) sudo reboot-bootloader sudo dd BS=4M if=partition-table-8gb.img of=/dev/??? (mmcblk0 ?) sudo reboot-bootloader // somehow erase misc partition - where it is? sudo dd BS=4M if=home.img of=/dev/??? (rest of mmcblk0 ?) sudo dd BS=4M if=boot_arm64.img of=/dev/??? (should it be: mmcblk0boot1 ?) sudo dd BS=4M if=rootfs_arm64.img of=/dev/??? (should it be: mmcblk0rpmb ?) Problems: sudo reboot-bootloader gives me an error: can not find misc partition. sudo dd BS=4M if=u-boot.imx of=/dev/mmcblk0 works fine, but of=/dev/mmcblk0boot0 ends with an error: operation not permited. I appreciate any help with this.
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