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  1. Hi, I am try to use all the 4 UART on Tinkerboard. But I can only find ttyS0. May I know what are the names of the other 3 UARTs? I was expecting something like ttyS1 ~ S4 Please give some advices
  2. I found this for Raspberry PI. GPIO digital input voltage levels: <= 0,8 V results in a digital one. >= 1,3 V results in a digital zero. May I know what is the case for Tinkerboard? Anyone can help?
  3. I have created an image that is running from the eMMc. After finishing testing, I would like to deploy the image to many Tinkerboard. May I know what is fastest method? I do not want to use SD card. Thanks in advance. Alvin
  4. I just booted up a R2 Tinkerboard with the latest OS Debian 10.But could not get the wifi working as well. I am running a production with Tinkerboard S and received R2 board. I need am urgent response from ASUS on this matter. Thanks
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