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  1. earx

    How to use I2S

    The hifiberry-dacplus-overlay explicitly disables HDMI audio. This is present in /boot/overlays/hifiberry-dacplus-overlay.dts .. To answer my own question. Also, the hifiberry-dacplus-overlay is meant for the PCM512x instead of the PCM510x . These IC's very similar, but the PCM512x series has an I2C interface, which is probed during boot.. dmesg reveals a lot of these: [ 6.163192] snd-rpi-hifiberry-dacplus sound-ext-card: ASoC: CODEC DAI pcm512x-hifi not registered Could be this driver doesn't support the old 510x ?
  2. Hi guys, For some apt driver packages the kernel headers are required. Since we're running Debian 10 we need kernel 4.19.. but the ancient 4.4 kernel is installed in TinkerOS... What to do about this? Just build the 4.19 kernel?? Would it be too much to ask the TinkerOS devs to upgrade to 4.19? After 2 days with the Tinkerboard 2S my overall impression is the outstanding hardware and BIOS (for instance always being able to flash EMMC via USB C with Etcher is fantastic), but OS support seems worse than it was back in 2018... Anyway, sorry for the rant. Hope you can answer my question. Thanks in advance. Cheers,
  3. Running Debian 10 V2.0.4 As soon as I have done the following necessary thing: > sudo apt update (because without it apt search finds nothing) ldconfig starts complaining: > sudo ldconfig ldconfig: file /usr/lib/mali/libmali-midgard-t86x-r18p0-x11.so is truncated ldconfig: file /usr/lib/mali/libmali.so is truncated ldconfig: file /usr/lib/mali/libmali.so.1.9.0 is truncated ldconfig: file /usr/lib/mali/libmali.so.1 is truncated ldconfig: file /usr/lib/libmali.so.1 is truncated I've tried several things like dpkg -S <file> and then apt <package> reinstall , but none seem to work. 2 questions: A is this truncation harmful in any way? B if so, how to fix?
  4. earx

    How to use I2S

    Seconded. The overlay seems to disable HDMI sound as well, and doesn't seem to do anything..
  5. earx

    Missing /tmp tmpfs

    Dear Asus OS devs, On your latest Debian 10 release V2.0.4 I noticed there's no tmpfs mount on /tmp. Please note that this makes compilation and apt installations three times as slow! Here's my line in /etc/fstab to fix this: tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777,size=500M 0 0
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