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  1. Hi this is Palak Sharma I am newbie here, I found this platform while researching about Linux. I don't know from where I have to start it. However I observed that this platform is a hub of many technical knowledges, and I am sure that there are lots of useful information and knowledge that I can learn from here. Well I am in third year of my Computer Science and Engineering. I like doing coding in various programming languages. Python is one of my favorite programming language. Whenever I get free time I often searched about new technical things. In one post I found that doing work in Linux OS is better as compare to doing work with Window OS because at the time of coding or you can say when you operate with too many tabs then often it has been reported that window computer is getting slow or hang problem comes with it, while it is not done with Linux OS. I want to do my work with Linux OS and today over Internet I was searching for some Linux Terminal for working with for Linux OS. Can anyone suggest some Linus Terminal that can be use with Linux OS. Hoping for some positive responses. Will be a great support. Thanks
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