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  1. kwakPro

    Use Uart1

    I want to use it with Android11 and Uart1. But, basic setting use only ttyS0(serial). How can i get other serial port in android ? I want use GPIO pin 8 & 10 (UART1TX, UART1RX). Could you please help me?
  2. kwakPro

    Use UART

    @denchakapon Thank you for answer. So do you know that how can i use uart GPIO port??
  3. kwakPro

    Use UART

    hello @tooz Thank you for answer. I did it. but adb pull /dtoverlay/config.txt at this command, response is "No such file or directory" so I check the file by adb shell There is no file like config.txt My Device is Tinker Board S R2, Android OS Version is "Tinker_Board_2-Android11-v2.0.6-20220303.img" (I think Tinker board 2 Series have that file..) I need your help. How can i use UART1..? Thanks.
  4. Hello. I want to use Uart in GPIO with Tinker Board S R2. But, below url, there are information aboutTinker Board 2 Series. https://github.com/TinkerBoard/TinkerBoard/wiki/Developer-Guide#mraa-library-for-android In Tinker Board S R2, Where is 'config.txt' ? I make it in /dtoverlay/config.txt, but i think it doesn't working. How to use GPIO port in Tinker Board S R2? How can I use 'config.txt' file? Thanks.
  5. hello. I want to use android TTS(Text To Speech) API (Google Speech Service) with Tinker Board S R2 (Android 11 OS). My android OS Version is 'Tinker_Board-Android11-v1.0.0-20211214'. Is it possible? or May I change Android OS Version? or Isn't it possible use TTS API in Tinker Board? thanks.
  6. hello I have a another question. I want to use TextToSpeechService in Android API Level 14 ( https://developer.android.com/reference/android/speech/tts/TextToSpeechService ) Does it possible with TinkerBoard S R2, Tinker_Board_2-Android11-v2.0.6-20220303.img ? Thanks.
  7. kwakPro

    Use UART

    Thank you for the answer. But, In "UART_Test_SOP.pdf" file, 1. Config the /dtoverlay/config.txt by adb commands. Thinker Board S R2 was not working that command 'adb pull /dtoverlay/config.txt'. It is not exist file. How can I solve it? Thanks.
  8. kwakPro

    Use UART

    I need help. I have a Tinker Board S R2. I want to use UART with Android 11 OS. Is this possible? In some information, Tinker Board 2 use UART with Android OS by "Mraa library for android". But, I want use it with Tinker Board S R2. Please, give me a answer. Thanks.
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