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  1. that is also me bro :)) i both write here and there... this solves the problem
  2. for those who still suffering from this problem.. asus send us audio firmware and we are testing it.. and i am sharing it with all you guys.. :)) attached file contains the firmware.. and here are the steps came from asus R&D department: Please follow the steps to check the FW version for reference. a. Unzip and copy the file to Tinker Board b. cd ALC4030U-FW-Tool sudo chmod a+x ./rt_UAC_utility sudo ./rt_UAC_utility --status sudo ./rt_UAC_utility --force 0x49F6_ALC4030U_ASUS_Tinker_Board_0x0BDA_V13_20220718.rfw --reset RST_2_ATTACH sudo ./rt_UAC_utility --status --reset RST_2_ATTACH sudo reboot sudo ./rt_UAC_utility –status => using this command to check the driver FW version. ALC4030U-FW-Tool.zip
  3. did you solved this problem? we are also facing same thing and we have lots of device..
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