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  1. Hi Ford Prefect: Can you try appendix ?? SoftAP.zip Hope it can help.
  2. Hi Hoshino, Please skip the llvm tk-dev package Don't apt install. hope it helps!
  3. Hi Hoshino, 1. Can't upgrade to buster. 2 and 3 It works, you can refer to https://www.rosehosting.com/blog/how-to-install-python-3-6-4-on-debian-9/ hope it helps!
  4. Hi RubberBigPepper, "Error writing to /sys/class/gpio/export value=4" <= "ls /sys/class/gpio/gpio4", Initialize again cause Error. You can use "lsusb" to confirm the NPU id "2207:0019" Benchmarks need "rknn" conversion, execute on NPU. hope it helps!
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