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  1. I installed and tested it and when I used the apt update and apt upgrade command, the board shut down. After a few days I installed again in the eMMc the same version and did not use the commands to update the board did not turn off. However, I disconnected and connected the board and the system did not start again.
  2. I am using it as normal, just plug it in, install the system on the eMMc or SD, but it turns off after 10 to 15 minutes on, I can't install anything. In maskrom mode it recognized the board after many attempts and i am installing the system. After waiting for a while I always get the same error, that the system can not be installed, when I try to run from the SD I have to make several attempts to disconnect and connect the board so that it can start the system.
  3. There is no file in the OS section of the board. I was installing this file Tinker_Board_2-Debian-Buster-v2.0.14-20220823. Every time I try to use the board , it turns on for a period of time and shuts down. Then it can not turn on , it turns on randomly . I have already tried using a SD card and the same thing happens.
  4. I'm trying to reinstall the OS. I'm using Balena to flash the device, but every time I connect it, my computer doesn't recognize it. It used to recognize it when I changed the system before, but not anymore. I also tried using an SD card as the manual suggests, but I'm encountering the same error with the eMMC.
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