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  1. iTink

    RTC Battery

    I solved it. Yesterday a replacement battery for a Thinkpad 540, A, T, etc. arrived. It has a Molex 51021 connector which is not what is mentioned in the user manual linked above but apparently identical and more common. The battery is smaller than the 2032 but has the benefit of fitting better into the TinkerBoard case.
  2. iTink

    RTC Battery

    In the meantime under the keyword "cmos battery" I found a bunch of offers for different button cell batteries with cables but they rarely specify which connectors are attached. Rather they name matching devices. Thus it would be great if you could name some (Asus) devices which have the same battery connector.
  3. iTink

    RTC Battery

    And how do I connect it to the RTC battery header? Please don't tell me with a ACES 50276-002H0H1-001 plug. I read the manual but I don't have such uncommon hardware handy and a web search didn't even give me a clue where to get it.
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