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Rooting tinker board 2s

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hi. We not answer for Android image, but for rooting TinkerBoard 2. Like TinkerBoard v1 (ex. https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/archive/index.php/thread-648.html)

We need SuperSU for our apps. 

We have sold about 500 units of our TB v1 based devices. We want to continue to base our devices on your platform, but we require better support. Unfortunately, the support for TB v1 was tragic. I hope ASUS will be up to the challenge now ...

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have you tried to do this with Magisk? I am stuck. Where do I get boot.img?
I have Magisk installed and the only available method is "Select and PAtch a File". Then he wants access to "Select a raw image.

please help because I'm running out of Tinker Board resources in version 1. I have 40 pieces left ...

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