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How to use DO on Node-Red (tinkeros-gpio)

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Dear Sir

We are testing Tinker Board 2 with Debian 10 V2.0.3 and Node-Red v2.2.2
and we found contrib-tinkeros-gpio on Node-Red can get GPIO input from Tinker Board 2
but error when send GPIO output as below picture.

If you have experience to solve this case, could you please share for me

image.png   IN OUT.png

DO setting.png

DO error.png


Refer GPIO input work

Input setting.png

Input work.png

Node-Red V.png


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Hi @CyberT:

     The config table's naming of asus gpio input and output node are for Tinker Board S. And, the packages are development by third party member(https://github.com/tinycore-hisanori/node-red-contrib-tinkeros-gpio). But, i think it is compatible with Tinker Board 2 about gpio pin number.

You can replace the attachment file to /home/linaro/.node-red/node-moduels/red-contrib-tinkeros-gpio/nrgpio.sh file and asus output node would work by add sudo permission for Tinker Board 2.

Please help to try and verify it. 

Thank a lot!



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Hi @yi-hsin_hung 

Thank you very much for your information and help to modify nrgpio.sh for me.
we stop node-red service and replace the nrgpio.sh (attachment file) to /home/linaro/.node-red/node-moduels/red-contrib-tinkeros-gpio/nrgpio.sh file
then start node-red service again and found asus output node can work properly on Thinker Board 2 
I think your nrgpio.sh file very helpful to make Thinker Board 2 control DO, DI with Node-Red easily.



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I have the same issue with tinker edge R, I replaced the attached file but still GPIO don't work in nodered

Thanks in advance 


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