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  1. Hi @Turtley: Please reference the https://github.com/TinkerBoard/TinkerBoard/wiki/Developer-Guide#mraa-library-for-android Thank a lot!
  2. Hi @shizimi: Could you try the other gpio pin about the condition. I can't reproduce the issue by local test. Thank a lot!
  3. Hi @shizimi: How do you measure the 29 pin about 3.3v? Could you help to read the value of 29 pin by "gpio readall" command. Thank a lot!
  4. Hi @ESVR: Did you have convert the model by edgetpu_compiler for edgetpu tflite model. Thank a lot! https://coral.ai/docs/edgetpu/compiler/
  5. Hi @hisataro: Good news about this. It's a good experience for us. Thanks!
  6. Hi @JasonWu: Have nice day! Thank you for your test. I think it's a compatible question with some hardware devices. Maybe you can change the relay for your project on Tinker Board 2 at first. Thank a lot!
  7. Hi @JasonWu Excuse me! Did you know which pins can work normally with Buzzer relay device? Thank a lot!
  8. Hi @hisataro: Have a nice day! The mraa android library can be included by the following code on Android studio and we didn't support C# at current. import mraa.*; Thank a lot!
  9. Hi @JasonWu: Could you help to remove the buzzer and then test again for gpio 40 pin? Thank a lot!
  10. Hi @CyberT: Have nice day! It's good information for us and wish you have good experience on Tinker Board 2. ^_^
  11. Hi @mozcelikors Please reference the newest TEE documents from Rockchip. Thank a lot! Rockchip_Developer_Guide_TEE_SDK_CN.pdf
  12. Hi @JasonWu: Please help to check the video(gpio40pin_python.MOV) test about 40 pin. The functions work normally on 2.0.4 version image. Did you check whether the /boot/config.txt had set something for gpio 40 pin? Thank a lot! gpio40pin_python.MOV
  13. Hi @JasonWu: Excuse me! Didn't you connect any device to 40 pin and then the pin status can change normally by gpio readall? I look your code to pull low the 40 pin from your picture. The GPIO.output(SEEP, GPIO.LOW) should let the 40 pin to low. Did RPI4 GPIO.output(SEEP, GPIO.LOW) let the value to high? Thank a lot!
  14. Hi @JasonWu: Nice to meet you. Could you help to provide the test steps and the information of relay device to us! I think the 39 (GND) should has effect for relay. Maybe you could also try 1 pin (3.3v) for your relay. Thank a lot!
  15. yi-hsin_hung


    Hi @giove511 Why did you need the PLC codesys software? You could use the node-red for the ui programming. Thank a lot!
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