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how to use UART Communication

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Hello guys!

UART communication is attempted.
If you look at the GetStart document, ttymxc0 and ttymxc2 should be in the Uart list, but ttymxc0 and ttymxc1 appear in my Edge T device.
So, all UART Opens fail.

What prerequisites should be done for UART communication?


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hello @peterkwon

you can use an uart cable, use software such as putty to build uart communication with tinker edge t

use the uart cable to connect a pc (usb port) and tinker edge t (see the pic attached for pin connections)

in putty, select connection type to 'serial', to check the port # please check the device manager in your pc, the baud rate is 115200

once the board is boot up, it should be some logs printed that you can read on the putty terminal


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