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Change quirks of uvcviceo

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Hello, I use Tinker board 2S. 

OS: Tinker Board 2 Debian 10 V2.1.6


I would like to change quirks of uvcvideo driver.

I tried:

sudo modinfo uvcvideo

and got:

modinfo: ERROR: Module uvcvideo not found.


I also tried

sudo modprobe uvcvideo quirks=0x80

,but cannot find any changes in /sys/module/uvcvideo/parameters/quirks. It looks like it's not working properly.

Anyone know how to deal with this? Unfortunately, I do not have much experience in Linux Kernel, please let me know if my question is completely out of scope.


Best regards,



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hello @sonyan11

uvcvideo is compiled into the kernel, tasks that are module-related cannot be supported as uvcvideo by default is not part of the module.

it's necessary to change uvcvideo to module and rebuild the image in order to make the modules work.

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