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Kernel Build Questions in Tinker Edge T

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Kernel Build Questions in Tinker Edge T

I installed Mendel 5 Eagle V3.0.2 on Tinker Edge T.

I want to change Boot Logo of Tinker Edge T, and I want to communicate with UART device in Mendel Linux.

To change the Boot Logo, Kernel must be compiled. Where can I download the kernel source for Mendel 5 Eagle V3.0.2?
And, what do I need to do to communicate with the UART device in mendel linux? Guid documentation says /dev/ttymxc0 and /dev/ttymxc2 should exist, but I see /dev/ttymxc0 and /dev/ttymxc1. If /dev/ttymxc1 is checked, it is said to be incorrect.

I need help with the above two.


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