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Disable Wired Connection

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I have switched to wireless connection and every time I log in I have to disconnect the wired connection 1.

How can I prevent the wired connect from trying to connect at boot time so I don't have to disconnect it manually?

Is there a config file I can edit to permanently disconnect it and then I can edit it later if I want to use wireless again later.

I'm using Tinkerboard2 OS.

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hello @Jay

you can edit the rc.local in /etc/  this is the script auto executed when booting.

please add the following line in the file:

sudo ifconfig eth0 down

(save the modifed local.rc, and then reboot)

remove this line if you'd like to use wired connection.

alternatively, sudo ifconfig eth0 down can be added in /etc/init.d/rockchp.sh --it does the same job


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