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Armbian instead of Mendel Linux

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Hi, Mendel linux is out of date and not supported as I understand it.

Did someone tried to use/adapt Armbian to support to Edge T, or is there any other way already available?

There is already support for Tinker Board 2. But that has different processor than Edge T, so I plan to adapt Armbian to Edge T if it will be even possible. 


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Have you tried BalenaOS using an image created from BalenaCloud? They are the same people who make Etcher and Tinker Edge T is supported. Might be worth a tinker.

I have used it for Coral Dev Board and it is primed for Docker. Its origins are from the Yocto Project.

Given NVIDIA's successful alignment with Ubuntu, and to a certain degree Raspberry Pi's, Mendel still seems an odd choice to have generated yet another custom Debian-based Linux distro for Google Coral/ASUS IoT.

Even if all the i.MX 8 boards banded together on Mendel, I still can't see it reaching critical mass. And Android in this space is probably too left field.

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