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Tinker Edge T Stuck on NXP Screen

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I installed OS to eMMC and for a while it works fine. But now, when i start the Tinker it stucks on a screen that contains only NXP string middle of the screen. I tried to boot from SD Card but same thing. And four of RED Leds on like fast boot mode. What should I do ?


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hello @SkyDragon

what modifications did you make before the issue occurred? perhaps we can try to reproduce the issue

looks like the uboot is unable to load the boot partitions and gets stuck in uboot shell. if the changes in boot.scr make the partition unrecognizible, i'd suggest to re-flash tinker edge t. 

please use a sd card to flash, and adjust the dip switches to 'on, off, on, on' so the board can boot from sd.

keep in mind that you'll need to short the power pins to boot tinker edge t whether it's boot from sd or emmc

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