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Recognize or change the display resolution on the Tinkerboard 2s

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Hello everyone!
I have a Tinker Board 2s and it also has a touchable LCD display.
The products of display model are as follows
>> 9.3inch Capacitive Touch Display, High Brightness, 1600×600, Optical Bonding Toughened Glass Panel, HDMI Interface, IPS | 9.3inch 1600x600 LCD (waveshare.com)

The display and the Tinker Board are connected using HDMI only.
And the os image on the Tinker Board is Android 12. (Tinker_Board_2-Android11-v2.0.8-20220503)
First of all, the lcd display on the Tinker Board shows Android's screen well.
However, the screen is streched a bit vertically.
I,ve also tried the following ways to solve this problem myself.

on the Tinker Board 2s :
       Setting > Display > HDMI > (SCREEN SETTING) HDMIA: Change Resolution

But it didn't work....
How can I change the resolution to a normal state where the vertical is not stretched?
Or does Tinker Board not support the resolution of the display I use....?
I would appreciate it if you could let me know the solution!

Thank you in advance.

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hello @ChaJH

1 hour ago, ChaJH said:

Could the Android OS version be a problem...?

no, just checking the environment

this panel's resolution is 1600x600, which is supported on tinker board 2s, but it might be blocked by resolution_white.xml  

please use commands below to remove resolution white

adb root
adb remount
adb shell
rm -rf /system/usr/share/resolution_white.xml

and then reboot tinker board 2s

the expected result is the 1600x600 resolution is supported on tinker board 2s

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