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First time setup / New to SBCs

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Hello all,

I am new to single board computers.  I just got my tinker edge R yesterday.  After watching several videos I finally managed to figure out how to flash debian to my sd and get my device to boot up.  After a quick look around, I realized that setting up a wireless connection was not going to be straight forward like on windows and figured that I should probably go with andriod for ease of use.  I so far only have plans to use this Edge R as an emulator machine for my kids and I.  I formatted the SD card again and this time again used Balena Etcher, but this time tried to install Android 9 V1.0.6 downloaded from the support page.  Etcher said that everything was flashed successfully, but when I power up my device, no signal is found on the monitor weather I use USBC or HDMI.  I've left it powered on for several minutes as well and tried a different monitor.  When flashing, the file I chose was the "update.img" found in the main directory.  One of the videos I watched said to use that file and then just hit continue when it said it was missing partitions or something like that.  What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hello @RogueFox37

you will need to plug a m.2 wireless networking card to make the wifi work, here i'm using liteon rtl8822ce, and then go to settings: wi-fi and then choose the network


you might want to have a look at the qualified vendor list to choose the components that are supported on tinker edge r: https://tinker-board.asus.com/download/Tinker_Edge_R_Device_QVL.pdf


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if you'd like to flash tinker edge r back to debian os from android, please enable ums before flashing; please note that a m.2 wifi card is necessary in order to make wifi work, so be sure to install it before flashing: 

1. power on tinker edge r, connect it to the pc with a usb-type c cable (type c port: tinker edge r, type a port: pc), and download the adb platform tools from android developer: https://developer.android.com/tools/releases/platform-tools (i'm using a windows laptop so i downloaded the tools for windows)

2. unzip the file and excute adb.exe

3. open a terminal -- you can do so by typing 'cmd' on the bar

4. use 'adb devices' to check if tinker edge r is listed, if it shows nothing, maybe you want to do 'adb kill-server' and try again

adb devices

5. use 'adb reboot ums' to reboot tinker edge r (& keep it in ums mode)

adb reboot ums


6.  download balenaetcher: https://etcher.balena.io/ 

click 'flash from file' and select the .img (in my case Tinker_Edge_R-Debian-Buster-v2.0.5-20220217.img )

select 'linux ums disk usb device' (which is tinker edge r) as drive, and then flash



7. unplug the usb type c cable and reboot tinker edge r -- it will reboot twice, which is expected

8. when it boots into the system, click the computer icon next to the bluetooth icon on the lower right to select wifi network 

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