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Firmware Android 8.1/11/12 Tinkerboard/TinkerboardS 1-st rev(not R2.0) from denchakapon.

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Firmware provided by (denchakapon) - https://tinker-board.asus.com/forum/index.php?/profile/259-denchakapon/ 

This post contains links to downloading firmware, obtaining ROOT super user rights, and instructions for installing Google Play Market. 

Android 8.1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfR_UXxI7Sd_vm2h87BHwsqajJVRVGT2/view?usp=drive_link 
The firmware has ROOT and Google Play Market. All interfaces and communications are working. 
The storage memory is completely visible. 

Android 11 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SywUn62XJk9Pmv0ixdnPvAvBKlONMLcv/view?usp=drive_link 
Wi-Fi doesn't work... 
I figured out getting root rights and it works.
I also figured out the installation of PlayMarket, it works. 

Android 12 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/17JokXhaBzw3aK3lOoS4j0YTw4Z6UcveG/view?usp=drive_link 
Wi-Fi doesn't work... 
I figured out getting root rights and it works. 
I also figured out the installation of PlayMarket, it works. 

I've encountered a problem. 
I use microSD 32Gb and 64Gb. 
Android 12 does not see the full microSD capacity. 
I tried doing a factory reset, but it didn't help. 
I tried different programs for recording the image - 
balenaEtcher, win32diskimager, USB Image Tool. 

Obtaining super user rights - ROOT. 

How to get ROOT super user rights - 
If it’s not clear or you have questions, you can contact me and I’ll explain. 

A little more detail - how to get super user ROOT rights. 

For Android 11 and 12, install the Magisk application - https://magisk.me/apk/ (Alternative link download) on Tinkerboard, then open the firmware image, 
for example, in Windows, using the archiver - 7zip, copy the boot.img file from the open firmware image to a location convenient for you. 
Then copy the boot.img file to Tinkerboard, run Magisk on Tinkerboard, select Magisk mode - installation, patch boot - image. 
Naturally, select the pre-copied boot.img image. 
The patched boot.img image will be saved to the Download folder on Tinkerboard with the approximate name - magisk_patched-27000_TmRXH.img. 
Next, copy the patched image to your computer. 
Next you need to copy the patched image to Tinkerboard in fastboot mode via ADB. 

How to install ADB kitchen (Android SDK Platform Tools) (Alternative link download) for Windows (there are a lot of letters, but everything is simpler than it seems) 
- https://droidwin.com/how-to-add-adb-to-path-in-windows-11/
Instructions for copying patched boot.img via ADB (see point - ?
- https://droidwin.com/root-android-11-magisk-patched-boot-img/
A little difficult, but everything is simpler than it seems. 
If it’s not clear or you have questions, you can contact me and I’ll explain. 

Regarding the installation of Google Play Market. 
After obtaining ROOT super user rights through Magisk, 
You need to download the LiteGapps package with Google services, including our coveted Google Play Market 
- repository https://sourceforge.net/projects/litegapps/files/litegapps/arm/30/pixel/2024-02-23/ 
Link to the package we need (MAKSU-LiteGapps) 
- https://sourceforge.net/projects/litegapps/files/litegapps/arm/30/pixel/2024-02-23/MAKSU-LiteGapps-pixel-arm-11.0-20240223-official.zip/download 
(Alternative link download)
Next, copy the downloaded file MAKSU-LiteGapps-pixel-arm-11.0-20240223-official.zip to any folder convenient for you on Tinkerboard. 
Launch Magisk, select Modules at the bottom of the line, install from the storage, and select a pre-downloaded file for installation 
After unpacking and installing the modules, click in the lower right corner - reboot. 

Good luck with the firmware, obtaining super user rights and installing Google services!
I look forward to your criticism, questions and suggestions - (I’m more looking forward to suggestions for solving problems that have arisen)... 

The most questions and solutions await - (denchakapon) - https://tinker-board.asus.com/forum/index.php?/profile/259-denchakapon/ 

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