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  2. Can you provide a link to the userdebug build for the tinkerboard 3n, please? And is there not a release build that we can use with CAN? This is to be used in commercially available products.
  3. hello @lloydhussell, you can use can-utils with android userdebug build for tinker board 3n
  4. I would like to buy the Tinkerboard 3N for its CANbus capabilities. But I can't find the Mraa lib files for the 3N which include CAN bus interfaces. Can I please have some link to such source code? Thanks.
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  6. There were thoughts about installing GAPS via ADB, but the installation description was clumsily written.
  8. Hello tooz The board is not connected to any other peripherals. By peripherals do you mean like HDMI cable and stuff? No. I am using Samsung laptop, the os is Windows 11. I tried connecting it to my desktop computer but it also can't recognize the board. What do you mean by when its' not connected to the laptop? Thanks
  9. Here it is : adb connect [tinker boad ethernet IP] adb root adb remount adb push MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm-20231025_200802\system\product /system adb push MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm-20231025_200802\system\system_ext /system adb push MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm-20231025_200802\system\addon.d /system adb shell pm trim-caches 128G adb reboot
  10. Thanks for the tip about gparted. With all this out of my head! :-))) If it's not difficult, describe in more detail how you installed MindTheGapps... I was only able to install MAKSU-LiteGapps by installing modules via Magisk. I just described the whole process in detail in this post -
  11. OK it's working, gesture mode + wolf launcher does the job (but it's not the android TV box I was initially looking for 😉) 2 annoying things : Can't start wifi Medias sound volume is reset (low) at startup
  12. Hi, I am developer trying to kick-off AOSP with TinkerBoard S. I have tried to set my env with the following xml: https://github.com/TinkerBoard-Android/rockchip-android-manifest/blob/n-mr1-rk3288-tb/ But eventually couldn't make an image. As I suppose you are the expert who made possible working android 11 on TinkerBoard S, would it be able to share your working repository or setting? (Or just support would be much appreciated ~)
  13. Wifi : KO 😭 Root : OK 👌 (Magisk) Gapps : OK 👌(Mindthegapps android 12.1 ARM) SD > 16Gb : OK 👌 (gparted on Ubuntu mate 24.4 live boot)
  14. To enlarge last partition (ext4) to fit whole SD you can boot on a linux live iso and use gparted.
  15. To enlarge last partition (ext4) to fit whole SD you can boot on a linux live iso and use gparted. Missing quote, please remove (i didn't find how to)
  16. hello @henners48, have you tried using this version? Tinker Board S R2.0 Debian 10 V3.0.23
  17. Hello, Does an Android TV version will be released please ?
  18. Look at least here - Rock PI 4 Android Mraa API Look at the similarity of GPIO pins! Mraa Java Lib is packaged in aar format and can be used in AndroidStudio: aar Default IO Map Enable:Uart2(consloe),Uart4,SPI2,I2C2,I2C7,PWM0,PWM1 Disable:I2C6,SPI1 https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/android-mraa
  19. One question, why do you need an outdated version of Android 7 OS??? If there is - a fully working Android 8.1 OS ready-made assembly with Root + Google Play. Read about getting ROOT rights - at least in this thread...
  20. hello @JOHN DOE, can you detail the setup, is the board connected to other peripherals? what's the pc you're using? what's the software os version? does the board recognise other devices rather than the laptop through the usb port? does it work properly when it's not connected to the laptop?
  21. Hi there ...New to Tinker board. Just loaded Debian Op system but no Vid out put....My version is Tinkerboard Rev1.2 Can anyone advise me exactly on which OS version I should use before I declare a junk board... many ..many thanks
  22. I am using the power supply that came with the asus tinker board when I bought it. Doesn't that still qualify? The red LED comes on when I connect the power supply.
  23. hello @JOHN DOE, it's likely the power supply is not sufficient, please check if the cable you use and the power output of the laptop usb port meet the requirement: Requirement: .1 x Micro-USB cable with data transfer functionality .1 x Tinker Board power supply* or other qualified 5V/2-3A power supply** .1 x Monitor .1 x HDMI cable .1 x Keyboard and mouse set * Tinker Board power supply sold separately ** Cable must deliver up to 3A of power output source: https://www.asus.com/networking-iot-servers/aiot-industrial-solutions/tinker-series/tinker-board-s/
  24. Hi, My PC doesn't recognize my tinkerboard S. Would this be a problem with my tinkerboard or my PC setup? The red led is on when I connect the power cable. A USB-C cable connects the tinkerboard to the PC. However, the PC gives no response when the USB-C cable is plugged in nor do I see anything under device manager indicating a COM port connection. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  25. Hello @tooz thank you for the reply, I already figured out the issue. It was in the hardware connection cable I have corrected it and now I'm able to do data transmission.
  26. hello @skyrock123, we've tried to reproduce the issue using image v.3.0.23 and can confirm the data can be sent and received through uart1 here are the steps for reproduction: https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/077D58B319314CA9AB298E8F012540C04 did you connect the uart tx (from the first tinker r2.0) to uart rx (from the second tinker r2.0)?
  27. I am trying to read and write GPIO pins of my Tinker Board S from a flutter application with the https://pub.dev/packages/mraa plugin. On plugin initialisation app fails because libmraa.so library is not found. Do you have any suggestions?
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