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  1. Hi, I am facing issue while rebooting device takes, it takes more than 1.50-2.50min while using sudo reboot command & through GUI reboot also. Does anyone face this issue are anyone have idea about this issue. Please suggest any solutions.
  2. HI Tooz thanks for your suggestion, But I am not planning for permanent time change. I want to change the time/date whenever I want or whenever time/date wrong.
  3. I followed this link also from asus doc https://tinker-board.asus.com/tw/doc_er.html . And I changed the time using timedatectl also but after reboot it changed back to updated time in few sec. For Eg.
  4. Hi, I tried to change time using (sudo date -set='2020-01-22 19:57:00' ) command after active/inactive the ntp through (timedatectl set-ntp no). But after reboot given time/date not reflected, it will be on current time automatically. In raspberry pi first I will set ntp inactivate after that I will use date command to change time. But in asus tinker board its not reflecting.
  5. Hi, Everyone is there any possible way to change the IP address of tinker board using python script. I tried to change it using script, changes reflecting in network file properly (/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Wired Ethernet1.nmconnection). But It's creating new connection eth0 and taking auto IP. Not taking my IP, anyone have any idea about this my guess is because of edit maybe format change will happens because of that its not changing I think. File also attached . Eg. [connection] id=Ethernet connection 1 uuid=940351fd-af24-4694-ab43-65f8560e76d7 type=ethernet permissions= [ethernet] mac-address-blacklist= [ipv4] address1=, dns8.8.8.8 dns-search= method=manual [ipv6] addr-gen-mode=stable-privacy dns-search= ip6-privacy=0 method=auto Wired1.nmconnection
  6. Hi, you can simply try that on .bashrc 1. open sudo nano /home/linaro/.bashrc 2. Just go down and add your executable r python file like this 3. Press ctrl+o to write and exit using ctrl+x 4.Now click new terminal it will run. Eg. ./filename (for exe) & python3 script.py &
  7. Hi, Does wait for network - on boot method available on asus tinker board r2.0 like raspberry pi (system option image attached below). In asus there is no system option and in other settings also I cant see wait for network option in asus. Can anyone guide me.
  8. HI, Does wait for network - on boot method available on asus tinker board r2.0 like raspberry pi. I cant see those on asus. Can anyone guide me.
  9. Now above format is working fine for me. The only thing is I'm trying to copy this file through ftp(filezilla) & scp (through python script) but I cant copy files its showing access denied. Copy only working on home directory.
  10. Through this cp command files copying. But its not copying through ftp & mouse right click copy. I need to copy files through ftp and scp but its not working except home directory.
  11. sathish


    Hi tooz, above volume parameter is working fine. Thank you .
  12. Hi tooz, Thanks for your information as per instruction dhcpcd.conf file appeared in /etc after installing through the above command. But I am trying to change IP through dhcpcd.conf like raspberry Pi Eg. interface eth0 inform static routers= static domain_name_servers= noipv6 But above method not reflecting on asus tinker board r2.0.
  13. Hi, where should I find the dhcpcd.conf file on tinker board r2.0. I saw /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf this is different from below. In raspberry pi it is available on /etc/dhcpcd.conf we can use this file to change IP on raspberry pi easily.
  14. sathish


    Thank you. Is is possible to pass volume as a parameter. Eg. omxplayer --vol 80 -p -o both /home/pi/Desktop/landing.mp3
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