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  1. hello @Jovan, modifying /boot/config.txt only allows the function to be enabled these are uart driver init loggings baud rates can be changed in user space
  2. hello @ttquattroman, when the tinker edge t is connected to the windows pc: in device manager, is tinker edge t recognised as 'asus android bootloader interface'?
  3. hello @DutchDev, aicc can be removed using command: sudo apt purge aiccagent no
  4. hello @captain kirk, also please use sudo tinker-config
  5. hello @captain kirk, imx219 is supported on tinker board r2.0, i don't think you need to add an overlay, but if you must, try modify the last line: overlay=CSI0-IMX219 save and then reboot to test and see if the camera works: gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! video/x-raw,format=NV12,width=640,height=480 ! videoconvert ! autovideosink reference: Tinker Board (asus.com)
  6. hello @Ethan_Lin, 1. from what you've described i'd suggest to check the devices (the dac, adc) 2. please collect the logs when the issue occurs, you can use adb with the command: adb shell su -c dmesg > dmesg.log
  7. hello @Ethan_Lin, what's the os/ version and i2c bus you're using? did you connect it to other peripherals?
  8. tooz


    hello @sinoj, you will still have to build from sources uploaded by asus: Android for ASUS Tinker Board Series · GitHub but the tinker os (android) is integrated from aosp and you can change the configurations if you need
  9. hello @gavin67890, for csi cameras, the coral camera is the only camera module supported on tinker edge t thus far: https://tinker-board.asus.com/download/Tinker_Edge_T_Device_QVL.pdf though there's no qvl for the uvc cameras, we use logictec c930e for testing
  10. hello @wahaha, sorry for the delay -- the sources of debian 11 for tinker board 2s have been uploaded repo init -u https://github.com/TinkerBoard-Linux/rockchip-linux-manifest.git -b linux5.10-rk3399-debian11 repo sync
  11. hello @wahaha, looks like the driver isn't initialised, please try: sudo modprobe 8822ce uname -a
  12. hello @wahaha, not sure if it's a hardware or driver issue, to get a little further: 1. what is the image version you're using? is it debian 11 v.3.0.6? 2. what are the results when you execute the commands: ifconfig -a sudo lspci sudo lsmod
  13. hello @aki, the @800000000Hz here means the gpu frequency is set to 800mhz, 0 means the gpu usage = 0 is the gpu governor set to performance? and please use these commands to check gpu when you're running applications that might be using gpu to accelerate -- for exmaple, you can use the commands while running glmark2-es2 and the gpu usage should not be 0. if the apis you are using support gpu accelerating then it (gpu usage = 0) should not be the case
  14. hello @aki, the embedded gpu uses GLES instead of GL please use the commands below to check the gpu loading/ usage instead of glxinfo: cat /sys/devices/platform/ff9a0000.gpu/utilisation cat /sys/devices/platform/ff9a0000.gpu/devfreq/ff9a0000.gpu/load
  15. hello @wahaha, we'll upload the codes by the end of this week, i'll leave a comment with the url once it's done. sorry for the inconvenience.
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