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  1. Hello @tooz we never start into x11. We are just using CLI. The same TnkerBoard 2 sometimes comes up FullHD and sometimes comes up UHD at the same Grabber. So, I think, that there is a timing issue how they (Tinker & Grabber) are negotiating the capabilities. To fix this, I want to set the display mode upfront and as extremely of interest during the software installation phase, it must be something which will be read from the installation image. On Raspberry PI, we do this in the /boot/config.txt file: hdmi_group=2 hdmi_mode=82 This forces 1920x1080 DVT mode for HDMI Is there any similar configuration file and a similar configuration for HDMI on the Tinker?
  2. Thanks for your response. yes. I need the hdmi output resolution. I need this in the boot process... setting this in the GUI or CLI would be too late. Background: the devices are connected to a capture card, and the HDMI output will be recorded for quality assurance reasons during installation. The used capture cards can not handle changes of the resolution. This is working fine with other SBCs, so, I hope there is a boot config file setting, which we can have configured in the initial image.
  3. Hi, Is there an option to configure the HDMI interface to FullHD video, so it should not try to sýnc above this... e.g. with Raspberry OS, we can set things in the /boot/config file. Thanks.
  4. Hi, We are new to Tinker Board coming from Raspberry Pi 4. We need an OS to build upon and to decide which components we want to install. Although the Asus Linux guys seem to have don a great job in building a Linux with all the bells and whistles, but our system must be light weight, as it runs as an IoT device and I can not afford/risk to update any oft the certainly upcoming vulnerabilities in packets which we are not using anyways. As we will run 1000s of these devices, I can not carry around unnecessary packets. So instead of taking the heavy Tinker OS, throwing away everything Asus was working so hard on, I need a Debian base image to add stuff. Raspberry OS has a tiny version which was a perfect start, but it does not run on ATB . So far, I haven't been able to install anything else than Tinker OS. All alternatives I tried simply did not start up (regardless of the maskrom jumper): DietPi Tinker Board DietPi RockPro64 Armbian Debian ARm Tinker OS boots up immediately. Is there a Debian based distro available to start building the required configuration upon? Thanks
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