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  1. I have updated information on this issue. I plugged an HDMI-to-VGA+audio adapter into the HDMI port on Tinkerboard R2.0, changed Settings -> Sound --> Output to HDMI. I now get the touch sound that was missing when Output was set to headphones. Please fix! This looks like some kind of configuration issue when the R2.0 version was built. I need the output to go to the headphone jack and need the touch sound.
  2. This is very misleading -- the versions listed at top of rev 2.0 Android Forum are and, which are versions for 1st rev board. Please remove from R2.0 forum.
  3. I have R2.0 board so loaded Android from R2.0 download page. I set to output sound to the headphone jack. I can hear correct sounds for ring and alarm, and can hear audio from YouTube, so media works. In Sounds/Other Sounds I enable "Touch Sounds" but don't hear anything. I have turned all volumes up to max, still do not hear touch sound. This worked fine on 1st rev Tinkerboard with Android Is this a problem with the build? Can you reproduce on your end?
  4. Issue resolved. Loaded Android 7 image referenced at top of this forum page -- works as expected on my rev 2 tinker board. I was confused because this version was not listed in the rev 2 download page.
  5. I have the same question -- have been using Android 7 image on rev 1 and would like to test same on rev 2. Can I run rev 1 version of Android 7 on rev 2 board?
  6. Got it working with Android 11 by adding following line to /dtoverlay/config.txt: overlay=DP_VOPB
  7. I connected RPi 7" display to Tinkerboard 2 through Waveshare cm-dsi adapter referenced above. For both Android 10 and Android 11, I get the Tinkerboard splash screen on the Rpi display but do not get the Android splash screen. Is there a configuration file I need to update?
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