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  1. Hi @tooz Thank you for repliyng. I'm using official 2.1.6 Debian 10 image. It came out that it was a cable issue, with a physical (15 to 22 pins) ,adapter the screen now works and I'm able to use rpi 7'' display. By the way, the panel-asus-DSI1-overlay is not present in overlay folder. I still would like to use the CSI connector without the adapter. Would it be possible to attach rpi screen to the 15 pins CSI connector? What changes do I need to do in dts? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I tried a dsi cable 15 to 22 pins but display remain blank. Is there a way to switch CSI to DSI and connect the panel there? In case, will hdmi still be usable? In config.txt Is mentioned thep anel-asus-DSI1-overlay file but It doesn't exist in userdata. Many thanks
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