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I can't connect TinkerBoard2S to MacbookAirM2

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My PC does not recognize TinkerBoard2S.

■My environment
PC : Macbook Air M2
OS : MacOS(Sonoma)

■Symptom to be solved
TinkerBoad2S (hereinafter called 2S) is connected to a 15V/3A AC adapter.

2S and PC are connected via USB cable (Type-C), and power is applied to 2S.
No new devices appear in the Finder of MacOS.

I would like to know why my Macbook does not recognize the 2S.
The following small message appears on my Macbook.
"Unsupported device."

The cable I use is a Type-C cable that supports high-speed communication.
I use it to connect SDD to my Macbook.

I cannot transfer the OS image because the PC does not recognize my 2S.

Is it possible to set up the 2S on a MacbookAir M2?

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hello @kamuycikap

looks like tinker the board 2s was not on universal mass storage (ums) mode. 

1. was the short circuit cap attached? if so, please remove it whilst the board's connected to your laptop

2. have you flashed tinker board 2s? the board has to be flashed first to get ums supported

3. what's the pid/ vid? if it's not 0B05:7820 it's likely that your tinker board 2s has entered maskroom mode, hence why it's unrecognized

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