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  1. Thank you for the answer. I tried an external power supply as you said. However, my problem remains the same. I think I've identified the problem. When the external hard drive goes to sleep, it does not wake up again. How can I solve this problem?
  2. Unfortunately Asus made Tinker Board, sold it and forgot. What makes Raspberry pi popular is the software support behind it. In this forum, your posts are approved very late and receive no response. Unfortunately, I also bought Tinker Board 2S. I regret. There is no support.
  3. hasank

    Different Images

    There is only one option as the operating system and Asus does not do much to fix the problems. For example, it would be nice to have something like pi imager. Better add Ubuntu or some other option. What can be done about it?
  4. Tinker Board 2 Debian 10 V2.0.4 does not mount external disk stably. After a while the system starts, it mounts and does not work properly. After a while, the files on the disk are not read. As such, a clean install is required. Then again I am having the same problem. Is there a way to mount an external disk in a stable and healthy way?
  5. Is it possible to run an Ubuntu like Raspberry Pi4? Tinker-board 2 doesn't run images for Pi4.
  6. I couldn't find a complete solution to the problem but here is one way to install: sudo apt update sudo apt -y upgrade sudo apt install apache2 sudo apt install mariadb-server sudo mysql_secure_installation sudo apt install -y lsb-release ca-certificates apt-transport-https software-properties-common gnupg2 wget -qO - https://packages.sury.org/php/apt.gpg | sudo apt-key add - sudo apt update sudo apt install php8.1 ------------------------------------------ when clogged press ctrl+z ------------------------------------------ sudo reboot sudo dpkg --configure -a sudo apt install php8.1-{bcmath,fpm,xml,mysql,zip,intl,ldap,gd,cli,bz2,curl,mbstring,pgsql,opcache,soap,cgi} sudo apt -y upgrade Apache + Mysql + Php 8.1
  7. Samba doesn't want to be installed using other dependencies as an excuse. but i solved his problem. it's ok with one command, like this: sudo apt-get install python-samba samba-common-bin samba-libs samba libwbclient0 libsmbclient
  8. Hi When I try to install php (7.3) with the commands here, the system hangs and does not respond. (%51) The same thing happens when I want to install another version (php 8.1, %52). What can I do for its solution? Thank You
  9. When I want to install XAMPP on TinkerBoard 2S model, the attached error occurs. I learned the installation steps from: https://vitux.com/xampp_debian/
  10. picture not showing ?
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